Snohomish Drain Co

Your Local Drainage Rescue Team

Snohomish Drain Co. is here to save the day. We’re the #1 Residential & Commercial Jetting & Drain cleaning business in Snohomish, known for our fast, reliable service and drain-clearing superpowers.

Our Services

From kitchen sink sludge to stubborn sewer lines, our comprehensive services tackle any drainage problem you throw our way.

Sewer Line Cleanup

We banish backups and keep sewage flowing freely.

Drain Cleaning

Clogs don’t stand a chance against our drain-clearing expertise.

Hydro Jetting

The ultimate weapon against stubborn clogs, restoring peak performance.

Branch Line Cleaning

We clear those hard-to-reach laterals that can cause big problems.

Downspout Drain Cleaning

We ensure rainwater stays on the outside, where it belongs.

Storm Drain Cleaning

Keeping your property safe from flooding with clear storm drains.

Sewer Line Video Inspection

See what’s lurking below with our high-tech camera technology.

Pressure Washing

Blast dirt, grime, and blockages from any outdoor surface.

Outdoor Drain Clean-up

We conquer clogged patios, gutters, and another exterior drain.

Pipe Repair

We fix leaks and cracks to keep your plumbing system in shape.

Local Expertise, Local Solutions

Having grown up in Snohomish, we’re well aware of the common plumbing problems that afflict people in this area. You can count on our deep understanding of local water systems and drainage challenges to deliver expert solutions that work for your unique home.

Tech-Powered Efficiency

We’ve got your back (and your drains). Our experienced technicians wield the latest diagnostic tools to pinpoint problems quickly and with powerful equipment to eliminate clogs efficiently. Expect minimal disruption and maximum results.

Flat Rates, Peace of Mind

We know plumbing problems can be stressful enough, so we offer upfront, transparent pricing. That means you’ll know the exact cost of the service before we begin, allowing you to relax and focus on getting your home back to normal.

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